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Building for the future

Building for the future

The future headquarters of SARL Groupe Clinet along with a new winery dedicated to Ronan by CLINET are now due for completion by April 2015.

The pictures below reveal how the project we first started work on two and a half years ago, is really starting to take shape, promising modern new facilities that will help drive the expansion of our business. Situated in Pomerol, just down the road from CLINET, our new offices should be ready by next spring and we’re planning to move in straight away.

This new HQ will offer optimised storage conditions for 700,000 bottles, as well as a new winery and barrel chai for Ronan by CLINET.

Just as soon as we have settled in, visitors will be welcome to explore our new facilities in order to taste our wines and learn more about us whilst enjoying views across the vineyards of Pomerol. We also have plans for entertaining groups and hosting seminars.

Our new facilities will include:

Offices and meeting space

Storage for 700 000 bottles

Bottling and labelling area

Workshop for personalising cases and labels

Large reception room with terrace views over Pomerol



Barrel Chai

Semi-professional Kitchen